Privacy Policy

1. Collection and storage of information
International Nature Volunteers (INV) collects personal information through the forms on this website, emails, instant messages and direct conversations. On the website this collection uses SSL certificates to enable SSL communication between the web browser and website (this can be be verified by the visitor by sighting ‘https’ or a green padlock icon in the browser address bar). The collection and storage of information from this website uses a 3rd party service, which declares that it is certified with and complies with the U.S. Department of Commerce U.S.-EU & U.S.-Swiss Safe Harbor Frameworks and the Safe Harbor Privacy Principles.

2. Use of information
INV uses this information for the purpose for which it is collected, which includes assessing and providing relevant information and services based on that information. For example, assessing an applicants suitability for a program, contacting them for that and other relevant purposes (to provide or collect further information), and on-the-ground services such as airport pickups.

3. Sharing of information
We respect the information entrusted with us. We will not sell your information. There are situations, such as the following, where we would share the information with other parties:
Project partner organisations for which an applicant has provided information for. For example, if an applicant has applied for a program we will pass on their information they have supplied to us for the purpose of ensuring all relevant information is available for their health and safety, and the provision of services to the applicant.
There may be situations where it is necessary to share information provided to local authorities such as in an emergency situation, but we will not do this without justifiable reason.
We may also share information collected with the applicant’s nominated emergency contact, but again we would only do this with a justifiable reason.

4. Right to access information and request corrections
Applicants who have supplied information to us are welcome to contact us to enquire about the information we hold about them and request that we update any incorrect information.

5. Website browser Cookies, Form Data, and Google Analytics tracking
This website may use cookies to facilitate the use of the website. The web forms on this website enable an autosave feature of web browsers so that information entered on the forms is not lost if accidentally navigating away from the page before submitting the form. The website also makes use of tracking systems such as Google Analytics to gather meta information on how users access the information, in order to improve the experience and usefulness of the site.