About International Nature Volunteers

INV provides opportunities for volunteers to get involved with global nature conservation efforts.

International Nature Volunteers (INV) was established in New Zealand in 2012 with the purpose of connecting volunteers with environmental projects around the world. New Zealand is a leading centre for endangered species recovery and conservation. Our founder, Toby Malcolm, has worked for almost a decade with volunteers on nature conservation projects around the country. INV was established to provide opportunities for volunteers and nature conservation projects to help each other. We are registered in New Zealand, and our incorporation number is 4129938.

Our Vision
“To connect the right volunteers with worthwhile environmental projects.”

Our Headquarters
In 2015 we moved to our current office location in Auckland. Our headquarters are humble because it fits with our philosophy of keeping volunteer fees as low as possible. You can find our office and postal addresses on our contact us page.

Our Goals

  • Affordability

    Make volunteer programs affordable and accessible to those who want to help and participate.

  • Assist projects in need

    Connecting volunteers with nature conservation projects which need help to achieve their aims.

  • Recruit quality volunteers

    Assist these projects by providing volunteers who are best able to help out.

  • Health and safety

    Provide training, resources, and information to both volunteers and projects to mitigate risks to people and the environment.

  • Continual improvement

    Work with past volunteers and project partners to continually improve resources and training for future volunteers.

Toby Malcolm founded International Nature Volunteers in 2012. After almost a decade working as a Team Leader for international volunteers in nature conservation projects around New Zealand, he saw the mutual benefits that volunteers can bring to local environmental projects, and vice versa. Toby saw the need for affordable access for volunteers abroad to participate in these projects, and INV is a result of that vision. You can read more about the INV story by clicking here (external link).

Andy Hardman is originally from the UK, and has settled in New Zealand with an enthusiasm for the outdoor activities New Zealand has to offer. Andy is an INV blogger with a keen eye for stories and a creative mind for writing them. Andy is the recent proud author of a children’s book. You’ll find his articles on our blog page.

Jill Savidan is from New Zealand, and is a text editor for the INV website. She has previously been editor of the Air New Zealand inflight magazine, has written books on travelling around New Zealand, and accommodation in NZ. Photo coming soon, but in the meantime, Jill’s photo is of a Kea (a New Zealand mountain parrot).